Short-run Magazine Printing

Short-run magazine printing - NewsPhotographerWhen you think of magazines, do you just think of your monthly subscription to Rolling Stone, or the celebrity rags you browse while waiting in the checkout line of the grocery store? Maybe you also think of the shopping catalogs that come in the mail frequently.

Actually, there are all kinds of ways your business could use magazines to reach customers. From coupon booklets to promotional inserts, short-run magazine printing can be a great marketing tool.

Short-run magazine printing is for any catalogs, booklets and, of course, magazines that you don't need more than a few hundred copies of. If your local boating magazine only has 300 subscribers, why spend thousands of dollars on publishing?

But it doesn't have to be the kind of thing you subscribe to. Restaurants need menus, a DJ might need song books for requests. Anything you can think of to distribute to customers or preview within your company can probably be printed short-run.

And with Metzgers, all you have to do is send what you want printed and it will be done within a matter of days. Any changes can be made easily, because it's all digital.

If you don't know what you want yet, take a look at some of the projects we've already done to get more ideas!



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