The Importance of Color to Your Brand

Fotolia 100511102 Subscription Monthly XXLYour company’s logo is the visual representation of your brand, and the color of that logo is just as important as the design.

Almost 85% of consumers cite color as one reason they buy a particular product, and 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition. The implications of color’s effect on people’s emotions are far reaching, and understanding your customer’s connection to certain colors could increase the effectiveness of your company’s branding.

Here is a breakdown of what colors mean to consumers:

Red: Stimulates people to take risk and has been shown to raise blood pressure, as well as feelings of power, passion and aggression.

Yellow: Increases cheerfulness, optimism and youthfulness, but can also be stressful on the eyes.

Blue: Represents calmness and serenity.

Orange: Can incite excitement and enthusiasm.

Green: Represents health and growth while also denoting nature.

Purple: Symbolizes wealth and wisdom.

Chances are your company already has a well established brand identity when it comes to color, so it’s important to work with a quality printing company that can enhance your branding.

Converting colors from various devices is a complex process, and it’s difficult to replicate colors from a digital screen onto a print surface. Each printer has different capabilities when mixing ink and the surface being printed on will respond differently to ink.

At Metzgers, we’ve mastered the art of printing your company’s colors the way there are meant to be seen. Contact us at 419-861-8611 to discuss your next printing project.



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