The Non-Christmas Corporate Gift

Untitled Infographic 1Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on gifts for clients, employees and vendors. The Advertising Specialties Institute reports that companies will spend an average of $43 per customer or prospective customer and an average of $50 per employee this holiday season.

Christmas is the most popular holiday for corporate gifting, but some companies are choosing to separate themselves from the pack by recognizing their clients on other holidays.

One of our customers, for example, sends Valentine's Day gifts to their top-tier clients to underscore how much they "love" doing business together. Last year, their custom gift box included a branded scented candle and a private-label bottle of wine. This year, they're sending private-label champagne, assorted cheeses and chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne flutes etched with the company logo and a monogrammed cheese board and knife.

Another customer, a green energy company, shows appreciation to their vendors on Earth Day. In the past, they've sent branded flower pots packed with soil and seeds. For Earth Day 2015, they're deciding between engraved salad tongs made from sustainable acacia wood and embroidered canvas totes.

Want to put a new spin on your corporate gifting strategy? Think about what makes your business unique and find a holiday those attributes tie into naturally.

Companies based in Louisiana could share their local culture with customers across the country by sending Mardi Gras survival kits. If you feel "lucky" to be in business, send your clients a token of your appreciation on St. Patrick's Day.

There may also be observances associated with your industry or corporate mission. Explore this list or this list to see what might be an appropriate choice for your business.

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