Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Trade Show Booth sampleThe fall trade show season is just around the corner. Metzgers can help you get everything you need ready to go so you can focus on your pitch.

One of the most important things to consider is your trade show booth design. You need your booth to stand out in a sea of drape-covered tables and cheap backdrops. It's important to note that a great trade show booth is an investment in both time and money, but it's worth it. And if you do it right, you won't have to spend the time or money again for a long time.

A great trade show booth is versatile and can be expanded or minimized it to fit the booth space available. Flexible materials are key, and we can print on a variety of substrates, including cardboard, vinyl, plastic, Mylar, foam core, and more. Multiple pieces will allow you to add and take away from the display as your space needs dictate. Check out our Pinterest board for trade show booth display inspiration.

Plan your collateral needs well in advance. Assume that your visitors will toss your piece in their trade show bag with every other piece they receive during the show. You'll want it to stand out from the rest when they're reviewing the materials after the show. Consider a unique texture or finishing process, such as foil stamping, to capture tactile attention. To really qualify your leads, attach a direct response card that asks your prospect to send you their contact information for more details about your product or service.

Don't forget the swag. Plan a variety of items that showcase your product or service offerings. Choose a range of products that will align with the prospects you'll meet there. Bring something extra special for those attendees who seem like top prospects, and get a less expensive item for attendees who are shopping around.

Be engaging, too. Do a product or service demo or host a relevant, industry related game that will attract people to your booth. The more time they spend with you, the less time they'll spend with your competitors.

And don't forget to collect prospect information. Ditch the old binder for a sleek computer setup where prospects can enter their contact information directly into your CRM system.



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