Unique Uses for Wide-Format Printing

Trade Show DisplayWhen it comes to standing out from the crowd and drawing customers in, size matters.

Whether you're competing for booth visitors in a crowded trade show or hoping to get noticed on the road, think big. No, think huge. Scratch that—think colossal.

Think wide-format printing.

The great thing about wide-format printing is it can be used for almost anything you can dream up. You can create logoed banners, signs, displays, and other projects that take advantage of large spaces to send your message.

Wide-format prints allow you to reach people where you never thought possible. You can print a car wrap to take your logo on the road, create a life-sized standee of your company mascot to decorate your waiting room or event booth, and design enormous posters to market your new products indoors and outdoors.

You can also use wide-format printing to solve everyday problems while incorporating branded messages. Do visitors have a hard time navigating your office areas? You could design giant arrow floor decals to guide them. Not only does this solution reduce the number of befuddled guests wandering your halls, it also creates additional space for your logo or marketing messages in a place people will look.

How about an outdoor wall mural you can easily change? Wide-format printing can be used to create multi-paneled murals with weather resistant materials so the images last until you want to change them. It's a great way to commemorate a community celebration or milestone anniversary, or even market a new product line.

What can wide-format printing do for you? Find out when you contact Metzgers.



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