Using Cross-Media Marketing With Print

mailingYou can send flyers and coupons all you want, but you can’t stop some from ending up in the trash. You can create websites, but you can’t make people search for them. But what if you had an audience eagerly awaiting those coupons, or anxiously searching for your website? How can you make that happen? Through cross-media marketing.
Imagine that a potential customer made visiting your website a priority. Maybe they saw a funny TV ad urging them to visit a special microsite and vote for one of two hilarious options mentioned in the commercial. Perhaps you sent a well-designed mailing piece that compelled them to scan a QR code to watch an amusing video, then answer a survey and sign up for discount coupons. They’d get engaging, unique content. You’d get trackable results. That’s cross-media marketing.
Cross-media marketing helps you reach the right customers at the right time – when they’re actively looking for you. It integrates your data through various media channels to engage customers and make them desire and seek out more information, almost like a marketing scavenger hunt. A TV commercial could abruptly end with an address for a website where the conclusion can be viewed. A visit to that website could include a prompt to enter an email address for a contest or coupons before the clip plays. Then, when your printed materials arrive, the potential customers expect and look forward to them. You’re not blindly sending out materials hoping they end up in the hands of people interested in your products or services.
Recent examples of cross-media marketing include commercials for Pepsi’s Refresh Project, which led viewers to its own microsite, and a 2013 Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad that ended on a cliffhanger and gave a URL for viewers to watch the rest of the commercial. But you also see the principle at work every day in any commercial that directs viewers to tweet using a specific hashtag. 
So how can you make cross-media marketing work for you? How about integrating Personal URLs (PURLs) and variable data printing?
Personal URLs are unique microsites designed to collect information, usually through a survey, from prospective customers. Using that information, Metzgers can create brochures or other mailing materials using our Variable Data Printing capabilities to tailor your materials specifically to the recipient. You’re not sending information about a college culinary program to every college-age resident in a 50-mile radius, you’re sending it to Laurie, who you know is interested in culinary arts because she told you so when she visited your web site. What’s more, the materials you send can be easily personalized. The brochure Laurie receives can include a picture of a culinary arts degree with her name on it and photos of female chefs working in the program.
Cross-media marketing is when you use one form of media — like a TV or radio commercial, social media message, or pop-up ad — to direct viewers to the microsite survey in the first place. And beacuse you used a microsite specifically designed to tie-in to the theme of your commercials or pop-up ads, you can easily track how well your campaign is working, because you’ll know visitors got the address by watching the commercial. You could also attach a QR code to a mailing to direct prospective customers to a video or survey on your web site. Metzgers can use any of these tools to help you engage potential customers across multiple media platforms and generate sales.
Make cross-media marketing work for you. Tell us what you’d like to accomplish, and ask how Metzgers can help you achieve your goals.



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