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What is your brand?

Branding IronSimply put, a Brand is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. But it goes way beyond that. Whether you’re a one man band or a multi-million dollar corporation, your brand is who you are, what defines you and your reason for being. Want to know who has mastered the art of promoting their brand? Download the Logo Quiz app – it shows you a picture of a logo and your job is come up with the company associated with the image. Who doesn’t recognize Nike, UPS, and Apple with just a simple glance? Coca-Cola spends more than 20% of their annual revenue on Marketing. Yes, that includes television, radio, print – but it also includes promotional products. Why? Let’s look at some facts:


  • 44% of US Consumers own a promotional t-shirt – with 48% in the 21-34 age group

  • Logoed bags and writing instruments have the lowest cost per impression of any promotional item – 1/10th of a cent per impression

  • 31% of US Consumers own a promotional bag

  • Bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item – 5,983 impressions

  • 76% of consumers who own a calendar say they display them prominently in their office or home

  • 82% of US consumers can immediately recall the name of the advertiser on a safety product they have – for example, hand sanitizer, sunscreen or lip balm. 

  • Promotional products last longer than other forms of advertising – 7 months versus several years for some items.

So ask yourself if you’ve Got Brand?  How quickly would you be recognized in the Logo Quiz? It’s never too late to strengthen your position. Figure out who you are, embrace your audience and strive to be memorable (in a positive way!!). Even if you’re the best in the game, there is always room for growth. Get noticed! Leave your mark! Capture more market share! And consider Promotional Products a great return on investment and a powerful tool in building brand awareness. If you’re not willing to invest in your brand, how can you expect others to invest in you? 

Source: Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2013, All Rights Reserved.




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