What’s Your Print Marketing Strategy?

Fotolia 99422233 Subscription Monthly XXLMore and more businesses are funneling their marketing dollars into their digital strategies, but in an age where online marketing is abundant, well-done print work stands out in the crowd.

Long Live Print Marketing

Even with the rise of the “digital age,” print marketing is far from dead. Print is a versatile medium that has continued to grow and change with technology. First and foremost, print marketing is a tangible representation of your company. No matter how user-friendly an online campaign is, there is something about being able to physically hold a piece of marketing that connects a consumer with your brand. Consumers also spend more time with printed marketing, and they’re more likely to remember a stand-out print piece than a stand-out email.

The key to effective print marketing is using your brand identity to separate yourself from traditional print marketing. One way to do this is using variable printing for a more customized piece of media.

Print marketing is more than just paper products, too – promotional products such as t-shirts, keychains, and drinkware fall under that umbrella as well.

Integrating Digital and Print Marketing

We’ve already touched on how print pieces offer a unique connection with consumers, but uniting your print and digital strategies can make for a winning combination. Online campaigns have unlimited space to be filled, while print marketing forces you to be selective about the information you include. To combine the two strategies, grab your customer’s attention with a print piece that drives them to your online presence where you can further your relationship and strengthen the original impact of the printed materials.

Social networking is an integral way for companies to interact directly with their customers. Incorporating your social media contact details into a print campaign satisfies the need for a tangible marketing touch, but also provides a way for customers to interact with you online.

Personalized URLs and QR codes can track media crossover and show how many people are engaging with your strategy. Use these tactics to send customers to your social media page, special offer landing page, app, or other online asset you want them to engage with. The best part? They can be printed on nearly anything.

Determine the right mix of digital and print media for your business by listening to what your customers want and how they prefer to be reached.



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