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Metzgers Sponsors, Participates in 14th Annual Partners in Education Dragon Boat Summer Learning Festival

IMG 6737Metzgers is big on giving back – it's a calling Joe instilled in all of us long ago. We donate to and participate in a variety of charity events throughout the year, and this year we participated in the Partners in Education Dragon Boat Festival for the first time on June 20, 2015.

"This was a fun way for us to give back to our community," said John Metzger. "The Partners in Education team is a small one, but they put on this huge event to promote the importance of summer learning programs, and it was exciting to be a part of it," he continued.

Racing a dragon boat requires a lot of teamwork. There are 20 rowers in the boat, as well as a drummer and a steersman. The drummer controls the tempo of the race by beating out a rhythm on the drum. Every rower has to stay in sync with that rhythm to move the boat quickly and efficiently. And the steersman ensures the boat maintains the straightest course from the start of the race to the finish line.

"None of us had ever done anything like this before, and we didn't even get to practice because of the weather the week of the event, so to come out as Division C Champions was really great," said John Metzger.

Thanks to everyone who participated and cheered us on, including:

  • John Metzger
  • Anita Metzger
  • Casey Boyle
  • Tom Metzger
  • Nathan Knapke
  • Molly MCCornish
  • Tony Metzger
  • Michael Knapke
  • Aaron Birney
  • Mark Metzger
  • Chris Thomas
  • Megan Lemke
  • Andre Nadon
  • Jamie Slevinski
  • Jennie Vetter
  • John Luscombe
  • Krystina Aldaco
  • Nick Lieswyn
  • Bev Piper
  • Cody Harder
  • Gina Pisula
  • Regan Smith


 We all had a great time supporting the Partners in Education, and we look forward to doing it again next year!




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