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Here's the latest news about Metzgers, both locally and in the industry press:

Metzgers wins Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

Toledo BBB Torch Award 2013 The BBB of Toledo has selected Metzgers Printing & Mailing as a recipient of the 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The award was presented to Tom Metzger at a special recognition banquet on November 6th.

In his acceptance speech on behalf of Team Metzgers, Tom Metzger shared the story of his father and company founder, Norb Metzger. "My dad operated business on a handshake, and his handshake was as good as gold. Today long contracts and complex legal documents can build a sense of distrust in business, yet we still want to do business on a handshake whenever possible. If we say it will be this price, and it will be delivered at that time... it will."

Innovation and integrity were cornerstones of business for Metzgers at its inception. Today, management and employees build upon those same core values, holding themselves to the highest standards as the company continues to grow and expand.

Metzgers was founded in 1976 as a type house. The family business now provides offset & digital printing, mailing & fulfillment, promotional products & wearables, wide format signage, displays, and point of purchase graphics, as well as extensive warehouse & distribution services, cross-media services and custom eStorefront solutions.

With over 100 employees—including more than 35 with ten years of service or more—Metzgers prides itself on innovation, curiosity, and learning, as shown by the Metzgers Education Center housed in one of three expansive buildings. The Metzgers campus on Arco Drive in Toledo totals over 125,000 square feet of office, lab, and warehouse space.

Metzgers supports local, regional and national charity organizations including the American Cancer Society, Foundation for Life, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, University of Toledo Foundation, and many others.

Metzgers Company Update

Metzger names 4 promotions and begins his second cancer battle.

TOLEDO, OH - December 16, 2011 - Joe Metzger announced that he will step down as President of Metzgers while he begins his battle with colon cancer. “I’ve been a cancer survivor for 22 years, so I’m ready for this next fight, and we expect to win, again. It’s what we do.” Joe added: “It felt awfully lonely and scary when I learned the news, but once we let the word out to family, friends, employees, and customers, the prayer chains began from coast to coast. The spirit and prayers have lifted me up, and I’m ready for this fight.”

Metzger plans a two month leave from the company and fully expects to return to Metzgers in a reduced capacity to help the leadership team continue to grow, strengthen and improve the company.


Evolving Business

Metzger brothers always looking to evolve business.

(The following is a story published in the Toledo Free Press)

TOLEDO, OH - November 13, 2011 - Joe Metzger knows the importance of changing with the times as much as anyone.

Metzgers Printing + Mailing, the Toledo business he runs with his brother Tom, got its start in 1976 as a typesetting business — a viable field in the 1970s, but considerably less so in 2011.

The company originated as Type House, founded by Tom and Joe's father, Norb Metzhger. Since then, it has evolved, adding pre-press, offset printing, digital printing, mailing, data management, warehouse and fulfillment and cross media (on-line / offline) capabilities.

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Metzgers Enters Online Sales

Metzgers Launches BIG CHECK Micro-Site and Online Digital Print Ordering

TOLEDO, OH - November 1, 2011 - October has been an innovative month for Metzgers, which has taken the first steps into online sales by unveiling two websites aimed at selling print.

Metzgers introduced a micro-site to sell large-format presentation checks under the title Print Big Checks ( and an online digital print store, titled The Printing Shack, to provide common business and home items such as business cards and flyers / sell sheets. (

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Green Energy is Helping Local Companies

Using green technology to save on energy bills.

(The following is a story posted on the

TOLEDO, OH - September 7, 2011 - A number of local companies develop and manufacture solar technology. Now more and more local businesses are using that green technology to save money on energy bills.

tartaWe checked in on two of those businesses. The two are at very different stages in the process of using solar technology. One is just starting its project, the other has already cut costs through a rooftop solar array.

After receiving a million dollar grant in recent months Tarta's solar project is still in the planning stages, but at Metzgers printing and mailing their green project is already saving them a lot of green.

Todd Beringer says the machines at Metzgers printing and mailing use a lot of energy, "We have large printing presses and other equipment that are using tons of energy and the solar energy is going directly into those machines."

The solar energy at Metzgers is coming from a rooftop array, "We have 546 of these panels installed on our two roofs , it's about 95 hundred square feet."




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