Green Energy is Helping Local Companies

Using green technology to save on energy bills.

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TOLEDO, OH - September 7, 2011 - A number of local companies develop and manufacture solar technology. Now more and more local businesses are using that green technology to save money on energy bills.

tartaWe checked in on two of those businesses. The two are at very different stages in the process of using solar technology. One is just starting its project, the other has already cut costs through a rooftop solar array.

After receiving a million dollar grant in recent months Tarta's solar project is still in the planning stages, but at Metzgers printing and mailing their green project is already saving them a lot of green.

Todd Beringer says the machines at Metzgers printing and mailing use a lot of energy, "We have large printing presses and other equipment that are using tons of energy and the solar energy is going directly into those machines."

The solar energy at Metzgers is coming from a rooftop array, "We have 546 of these panels installed on our two roofs , it's about 95 hundred square feet."

The solar array at Metzgers is generating 13-15 percent of the energy used there at a significant cost savings, "Typically about three thousand a month is what we're saving. We spend about 22 thousand a month in electric bills and we're saving three thousand a month right now."

Even on cloudy and rainy days, the panels are still drawing energy, "We're producing over fifty percent of what we do on a sunny day so even though it's cloudy and rain we're still getting juice coming through those."

Steve Atkinson says going green is nothing new for Tarta, "We have clean diesel fuel technology in our fleet, we have bio-diesel throughout our fleet and in December we are opening a very green building for our paratransit operations near downtown."

Tarta will start drawing energy from the sun at it's central garage in the coming months. Tarta received a one million dollar grant through Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur's office to help put in a solar panel array, " The solar power will be an assistance to our existing electrical power for fans and the heating and cooling systems for the facility. It may be used for lighting and any other regular power generation.'

The solar array at Tarta is expected to be up and running next year,but once again no design plans are in place.The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo will be working on the creative side of the project with Tarta.

Meantime Metzgers may be expanding its business, which would mean the possibility of another rooftop array for the company.

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