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Metzgers Expands into Canada With Recent Mailing Campaign

Metzgers, a Toledo-based printing and fulfillment company, has expanded its services into Canada with a recent partnering with international mailing providers MSI Worldwide and Landmark Global.

The pairing began when Metzgers was chosen by leading global marketing research company TNS Global to coordinate and handle the shipping of samples of a new breakfast cereal product to 1,280 Canadian homes.

The cereal product trial dictated that participants try the product for an entire week before taking an online survey, so the samples needed to be shipped out quickly.

Metzgers worked with two of its global logistics partners to secure a timely, cost-effective shipping solution which would meet the client's needs. They quickly determined a hybrid service would be most effective, given the scope and demographics tied to the project. As a result, Metzgers met pricing demands and was able to track the packages through every step of the process from pick-up, customs release to final delivery, ensuring they arrived on schedule to the correct locations.

The move marks Metzgers' entrance into the international fulfillment market. Learn more about Metzgers services here.



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