Metzgers Grows Business with Web-to-Print

Metzgers Grows Their Business With Web-to-Print Solutions

“Since 1986, we’ve been working 24 hours, producing projects even while we sleep. Today, with Pageflex, we are now even able to sell while we sleep, because our online store is available to our customers whenever they choose.” - Joe Metzger, President

TOLEDO, OH - March, 29, 2007
In today’s marketplace, there is a disparity between those printers who embrace new technologies and those who cling to old business models. To survive in this age, printers need to rethink their business and be able to provide their customers with the broad scope of services they demand.

Metzgers Printing and Mailing of Toledo, Ohio, is an excellent example of a printer who is successfully doing just that. By utilizing the Web and technology such as Pageflex Storefront, Metzgers has been able to expand their offerings, streamline their business processes, and effectively compete in a competitive marketplace.

This year, Metzger’s was honored with two PODI Best Practices Awards, a validation of their commitment to innovation.

A History of Innovation
Founded in 1976 as a type house, Metzgers has a history of combining their forward-thinking vision with the right technology and equipment to survive and flourish in a changing marketplace. Over the past 30 years, the company has expanded their services to include digital pre-press, digital printing, six-color printing, and direct marketing as well as a full-range of printing, mailing and fulfillment services.

Metzgers continues to expand beyond traditional print services and into new areas. This shift in business is not just about offering new products; it represents a new approach to how they do business. It is a move away from the traditional print model of just taking orders from customers to a model where Metzgers collaborates with their customers to fully understand their marketing goals and provide them with a full range of solutions that will help them to meet those goals.

To support this change in business strategy, Metzgers looked for technology solutions that would enable them to offer best-of-breed online capabilities, while also facilitating ease of deployment. Pageflex Storefront emerged as the ideal technology choice to meet these goals and provide a technology platform on which to grow the business.

Metzgers chose Pageflex Storefront because the software’s powerful Web-to-print composition capability allows them to build online solutions that provide their clients with a fast, easy way to create customized marketing materials.

Starting with Stationery
Metzgers installed Pageflex Storefront and within weeks had launched the first live site based on the technology; an interactive site where customers can design and order stationery products online. Users log in to an interactive Web portal, where they can choose from a variety of designs and layouts to create customized stationery products, including letterhead, business cards, notepads, and envelopes. Customers enter all of their relevant data into templates and, once they have the final design and text they like, their order is sent immediately into production.

Before using Pageflex, the work and cost involved in creating stationery products made it too costly for Metzgers to be cost competitive, so they would often turn away those types of printing projects. Now, with Pageflex Storefront, Metzgers is able to produce the cards in hours, with little hands-on involvement from the typesetting department. The result is a faster, more streamlined process that provides clients with self-service capability and faster turnaround time. In addition, this new process also provides Metzgers with a more efficient workflow that allows them to provide customers with the best value for stationery printing while offering more services to each customer.

Award Winning Solutions
With the stationery store a success, Metzgers began developing customized, branded sites for clients in a range of industries. In addition, they are also offering customers variable data publishing (VDP) solutions. Recently, Metzgers was honored with two PODi Best Practices Awards for a project they developed for Tiffin University; one in the Business-to-Consumer category, and the other a peer-review award for the best VDP campaign. For this project, Metzger’s used Pageflex Storefront to create a highly customized admissions brochure that helped Tiffin University increase enrollment in their graduate and undergraduate programs.

Technology for a New Age
Metzgers is an example of a printer who has consistently been able to grow their business through the adoption of new technologies. By having a forward vision, and finding the right technology to support this vision, Metzgers has been able to grow in markets where others have not been successful.

Joe Metzger believes that the addition of Pageflex has provided a powerful tool that can help take their business in a new direction. Metzgers innovative spirit and this powerful technology enable them to provide an outstanding resource to their customers and take their business to the next level.



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