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TOLEDO, OH - March 1, 2009 - Metzgers was highlighted by Printing Impressions magazine in the article "Technology That Matters."

The name Metzger has been elevated to rockstar status in the printing industry, and with good reason. Joe Metzger can be seen frequently on the trade show / conference circuit, discussing any number of relevant industry issues. Frankly, if you can recall seeing him give more than a few talks, then feel free to count yourself among the printing realm's cognoscente, boasting big picture perspective.

Tom and Joe Metzger in the MEC.The Metzger brothers are students of the game, so to speak. Joe (in charge of sales and business development) and Tom (operations) comprise the brain trust at Metzgers Printing + Mailing in Toledo, OH. Whether it’s sharing ideas on Web-to-print at a PODi conference, or discussing digital printing at Graph Expo, it is curiosity—the quest for knowledge and unearthing best practices - that sparks Joe Metzger’s passion for all things related to printing.

OK, not entirely printing but print-related.And, sometimes, the technology stretches the definition boundaries of ancillary products.

But when the game changes the rules, the time to find out is not after the fact. How is that possible? you ask. Metzgers Printing + Mailing has evolved and morphed more times in the last 30 years than Madonna in growing to a $13 million-a-year performer. The company was founded as a typesetter by Norb Metzger in 1976, became a service bureau in the mid-’80s, then a prepress house, offset printer, variable data digital printer, fulfillment house and more.

Direct computer to plate system.Whither the future of Metzgers? Joe is the dreamer, while Tom tends to evaluate the Xs and Os. The left and right sides of the thought process come together with an unofficial, but accurate, gauge that factors in a number of variables to help determine how the next course of the company will be plotted...

To read the full article from Printing Impressions, download the pdf.

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