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Keeping Pace With Customer Needs With Variable Data Printing Technology

TOLEDO, OH - June 15, 2007 - In the printing industry, customer demands are always evolving. From faster turn-around times to web-to-print capabilities to the latest document customization services, to thrive in these fast-changing times, printers need to constantly adapt their business strategy and provide the range of services customers demand.

So how are printers embracing the need for the better, faster, more relevant and effective documents customers want, while adding value and growing revenue for their own businesses? Three simple words: Variable Data Printing (VDP).

What is VDP?
VDP software, a key application for on-demand digital printing, allows users to feed database-driven personalized information through an optimized print stream. The printing process combines static information and a layout template with variable data – such as target-specific information, images and offers – to produce a fully customized document. The streamlined production process of most high-end VDP packages enables the mass customization of documents typically used in direct marketing, customer relationship management and advertising.

These campaigns have a proven impact with increased response rates that can be 5-10 times greater compared to conventional static campaigns. By adopting this technology, printers can offer specialized marketing services based on customized sales-focused documents that deliver measurably better results and a high return on investment.

Metzgers Printing + Mailing of Toledo, Ohio, is an excellent example of a printer thriving in an evolving market, thanks in part to its implementation of VDP technology. Utilizing both the Web and VDP software from Pageflex, Metzgers has expanded its offerings, streamlined its business processes and is now competing effectively in a highly competitive marketplace.

A History of Innovation
With more than 30 years of service, Metzgers has seen many changes in its industry. The company has recently expanded its offerings to include digital pre-press, digital color printing, six-color offset printing and direct marketing capabilities, as well as a full range of mailing and fulfillment services. While continuing to expand beyond traditional print services into new areas, the shift in business has not just been about offering new products.

“Expanding our service offerings represents a new approach to how we do business,” explains Joe Metzger, owner, Metzgers Printing + Mailing. “We’ve moved away from the traditional print model of simply taking orders from customers to a more proactive model in which our staff collaborates with customers to fully understand their marketing goals. We then provide a full range of solutions to help them meet those goals.”

To support this change in business strategy, Metzgers looked for technology solutions that would enable them to offer best-of-breed online ordering and document creation capabilities, while also facilitating ease of deployment. Pageflex emerged as the ideal technology choice to meet these needs, as well as to provide a technology platform on which to grow the business. With a web-to-print composition capability, Metzgers would be able to build solutions that provided clients with a fast, easy way to create customized marketing materials.

Starting with Stationery
Metzgers installed Pageflex Storefront and within weeks had launched the first live site where customers could design and order stationery products online. Users logged into an interactive Web portal, where they could choose from a variety of designs and layouts to create customized stationery products, including letterhead, business cards, notepads, and envelopes. Once all relevant data was inputted into templates and the design and text were finalized, the order was immediately sent to production.

“Before using Pageflex, the work involved and the cost of creating stationery products made it nearly impossible for us to be competitive, forcing us to turn those printing projects away,” said Metzger. “Now, with Pageflex, our teams are able to produce the cards in hours, with little hands-on involvement from the typesetting department. The result is a faster, more streamlined process that provides clients with self-service capability and faster turn-around time.”

This process has resulted in a more efficient workflow, allowing Metzgers to provide customers with the best value for stationery printing, while offering more services to each customer.

Award-Winning Solutions
With the stationery store a success, Metzgers continued down the path of innovation and, in addition to its VDP solutions, began developing customized, branded sites for clients in a range of industries. And the company’s successes started to be recognized.

Recently, Metzgers was honored with a Print On Demand initiative (PODi) Best Practices Award in the Business-to-Consumer category. For this award-winning project, Metzgers used Pageflex Storefront to create a highly customized admissions brochure that helped Tiffin University increase enrollment in their graduate and undergraduate programs.

Metzgers is a prime example of a printer whose business has grown significantly through the adoption of new technologies. With a forward-looking vision, and a technology to support this vision, Metzgers has been able to grow in markets where others have not been as successful.

“The addition of Pageflex has helped us take our business in a new direction,” stated Metzger. “Our commitment to our customers, coupled with this powerful technology, has enabled us to provide outstanding new services and has substantially impacted our business.”

Business growth is contingent on the ability to not only recognize changes in the marketplace, but to answer the call of the customer. The recognition of emerging trends and the implementation of value-building technology such as VDP, are keys to growing with your customers and expanding current offerings.

Metzgers Printing + Mailing is a solid case showing what can be gained with the acceptance of technology. By investing in Pageflex’s VDP software, Metzgers was able to tap into new business opportunities that it had previously been unable to address, and become a leading turnkey provider of printing and online services.

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