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Based in Australia, Amcor is a multinational leader in the package industry. The company is one of the largest package manufacturers in the world and operates in more than 40 countries.

Amcor was in search of a company in the area to house and ship samples of more than 200 types of bottles to sales representatives throughout the country. Amcor needed a fulfillment partner to fill up to ten orders a day.

When Amcor came to Metzgers, we created a Web-to-Print Storefront so sales representatives could easily order samples, allowing for quick fulfillment times. We housed samples in our 60,000-foot warehouse facility and our fulfillment team filled them. Most samples were shipped out within 24 hours of the initial order.

To handle warehousing and fulfillment of bottle samples for Amcor and ship samples to sales representatives quickly while tracking popularity of samples.

Metzgers used our warehousing space and fulfillment team to quickly fill orders and designed a Web-to-Print Storefront for the company to ensure representatives could easily order samples. Metzger's warehousing and reporting practices also allowed Amcor to know the stock levels of each sample, so they could tell which were the most popular and quickly replenish dwindling supplies.

Bottle samples were shipped quickly. The client was pleased with Metzgers' fulfillment practices and went to Metzgers for additional print materials.

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