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Corner Dental

Corner DentalHealth Care Industry


Corner Dental offers a variety of services, from cleanings to orthodontic procedures, from each of their six Northwest Ohio offices. They strive to make patients as comfortable as possible, emphasizing gentle, pain-free treatments, and allowing the patient domain over the remote control to the flat-screen television in each exam room. They also feature “Almost Anytime” options for patients with busy schedules.

To support its strategy of comfort and convenience for customers, Corner Dental ordered individual appointment cards for each hygienist and dentist. The four printing vendors they worked with required large quantity orders for each set of cards, resulting in large amounts of waste when someone left the practice. Also, since orders were placed with a corporate marketing manager, the process was time consuming and resulted in many missed opportunities for patients.

When they began working with Metzgers Printing and Mailing, we set up an on-line Web-to-Print Storefront allowing Corner Dental to order small quantities weekly.


  • Continued personalized appointment and reminder card program
  • Reduced costs, inefficiencies and waste.
  • The ability to order smaller batches as needed,
  • Faster receipt of materials
  • Reduced time and involvement for the marketing manager
  • A more streamlined process


The creation of the Web-to-Print Storefront allowed Corner Dental to order their materials directly and showed only the items approved by the firm to maintain brand consistency among all the locations. It also allowed each office to order small quantities of personalized cards weekly, as needed from one central printing source.

Also, by allowing Corner Dental to upload their appointment lists to the Web-to-Print Storefront, Metzgers took over responsibility for mailing the personalized appointment reminder cards to each patient, allowing Corner Dental staff to focus on the customer experience.


  • Printing consolidated from four firms to one
  • Web-to-Print Storefront allowed for smaller orders with less waste
  • Improved brand consistency
  • Each location received their items faster
  • Freed up marketing manager’s time for other tasks


“Metzgers turned our printing from a nightmare into a system! We are looking for and finding great new ways to use the Web-to-Print Storefront.”

“We wanted to make a new card, and within 20 minutes, Metzgers had it ready for us to use. It was very impressive.”

Todd Boak
Marketing Manager
Corner Dental

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