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Haulotte Group

Building Products


Haulotte Group specializes in lifting equipment for materials and people. 

Sales staff at Haulotte Group used customized product binders to familiarize current and potential clients with their product lines.


  • Ease of use
  • To reduce the amount of time sales staff members spent preparing a binder
  • An easily customizable program; they wanted to choose the order in which items appeared in the binders.


Metzgers set up a Pageflex storefront for Haulotte Group sales personell where they can easily select and organize contents from pre-selected literature kits to customize their binders.

Benefits included:

  • Giving sales the options to customize marketing materials, while allowing maintenance of corporate control.
  • The system automatically creates the order, manages the inventory, and generates pick lists to make fulfillment easier.
  • Sales staff could upload already-prepared documents instead of typing new information into the system, saving time.
  • Sales staff could easily rearrange the order in which items appeared in the binder.



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