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The Dental Center of Northwest Ohio

Health Care Industry


The Dental Center of Northwest Ohio is a nonprofit agency that provides dental and oral health services to 23,000 underserved children and adults in 18 counties each year.

The Dental Center of Northwest Ohio experienced fierce competition with other nonprofits for donations. They also found printing and mailing traditional materials to solicit those donations, such as brochures, letters and reply envelopes, was too expensive.


The Dental Center of Northwest Ohio wanted to:

  • Create a more effective solicitation piece to generate donations
  • Improve the cost-efficiency of the solicitation program


Metzgers used their PFUGO (Perfing Folding Unique Gluing Operations) capability to restructure the solicitation program.  They create a self-contained brochure, mailer and envelope all on one sheet, printed front and back. This helped eliminate costs for mailing and reply envelopes for each mailer.


  • One third of annual donations resulted from the all-in-one mailer
  • 17 percent of donors that year were new
  • The mailer was also used as a brochure in doctors’ offices


“When our agency originally began planning ways to increase our fundraising efforts, we trusted Metzgers with their innovative ideas. The work they did was outstanding. They created a marketing piece we’ve never done before which not only increased our donations, but also helped us stand out amongst the hundred others of solicitations in the area.”

Leah Rongakis
Dental Center of Northwest Ohio



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