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Therma-TruBuilding Products


Therma-Tru is the country’s top manufacturer of exterior door systems. A main part of their marketing effort is disseminating custom brochures to distributors based on the products they represent. Creating and customizing these brochures to reflect the complexity and breadth of the product line required a lot of time and manual processing, which could take up to six months.

When they came to Metzgers, we used Pageflex Storefront to create an online brochure ordering system which enabled distributors to easily create custom brochures while adhering to ThermaTrue graphic and messaging standards.


  • Provide an easy-to-use system for distributors to create customized marketing materials
  • Reduce production time and manual involvement
  • Maintain corporate graphic standards in all marketing materials
  • Reduce time for approvals
  • Establish a connection between sales managers and distributors
  • Bring territory managers into the brochure creation process


A successful solution had to give distributors a straightforward way to choose from an extremely large collection of products, images, and marketing messages to create a brochure that was relevant to them. Metzgers examined hundreds of existing brochures from the company to determine which common templates should be available on a system. They then built a library of templates using Pageflex so distributors could easily choose what they needed to create their brochures. The step-by-step process customizes templates based on the messages selected and instructs users as they go. It also allows them to approve a PDF of each page as it is completed. Automatic notifications sent to the territory manager when a distributor logged in helped them establish a relationship with the distributor, know what was being ordered, and assist in the creation of the brochures, ensuring successful completion.


  • Production time decreased from 6 months to two weeks
  • Marketing materials automatically adhere to corporate graphic standards
  • Almost no manual processing required, as completion of brochures happens almost entirely online
  • Brochures are approved immediately
  • Reports from the system help managers establish contact and manage sales relationships

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