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The proofs look fabulous!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that it's been really great working with Aaron. He's very responsive and helpful in getting the right pantones and look of our flyers. The proofs I received today look fabulous and this is all due to Aaron. That's all.


Once again, Metzgers delivers!

Once again, Metzgers delivers! Thanks to you and your team. They look great and are delivering to the client.


The brochures look AMAZING!!

The brochures arrived and they look AMAZING!!!!!

Norma Villela-Alberico

You guys knocked it out of the park!

Just received the extras of the 737 piece, and you guys knocked it out of the park! If we do another run of this piece I would like to use the uncoated matte finish, but I think this piece will success in its task. Thanks for your attention to the details of this design, it definitely paid off in the final product.


You're awesome!

You're awesome, Sue!

Thanks for your help with this. I think it's really cool that you called Tristan about the details on the ad. Tell your boss I said "Sue gets a raise."  I'm sure that will do the trick, since I'm so high up there. LOL.




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