Commercial Printing & Mailing Services

Metzgers means more commercial printing and mailing services all under one roof:

We can also manage web-to-print storefronts and personalized microsites customized for your commercial business and your marketing needs.

Browse the site, flip through our Portfolio, and watch videos about our many services. If you have any questions about your specific project, contact us!

Stationery Printing

Your company stationery is an important part of your brand identity package. We live and work in a digital age where everything is emailed or published online, so when you send something printed, it stands out. Metzgers can help your brand stationery stand out in a positive way.

Letterhead Printing

Think of your letterhead as a handshake – It should be warm and firm, never cold and thin.
We'll help you choose a stock weight and texture that says "let's get down to business," and design a layout that reflects your brand personality.

Key elements for letterhead include:

  • Logo
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Web address
  • Phone number

You can also include optional elements like a watermark or tagline.

Our designers will take special care to reflect your brand's graphic identity, including matching your PMS colors, without taking away from the message that will eventually be printed on the page.

We offer short run and bulk printing services, so you can order as much or as little as you need.

Envelope Printing

Envelopes are an important part of your stationery program. They should invite and encourage the recipients to open your correspondence.

Tips for Choosing Envelopes

To maintain consistency, select an envelope stock that matches or coordinates with your letterhead.

Keep the branding clean, simple, and in-line with your letterhead.

Consider how you'll be using your envelopes, too. This will help you determine everything from shape and style to closure type.

You don't have to use a standard #10 envelope, either. Uniquely sized envelopes, such as a square envelope or an oversized envelope, will create additional interest. They can incur higher postage costs because they can't be automatically metered or sorted at the post office, but they will stand out when they land on your recipients' desks.

Envelope Options

There are nearly as many options when it comes to envelopes as there are for letterhead stock.

  • Lined
  • Envelope-types11Unlined
  • Self-sealing
  • Gummed
  • Peel and seal
  • Baronial-style
  • Booklet-style
  • Commercial-style
  • Catalog -style
  • Windowed
  • A-style
  • Square

Discuss your stationery needs with our experts, and we'll help you narrow down your options and make the best choice for your business. Call us today at 419-861-8611.

Business Cards

Business Card PrintingThink about your rolodex, or as we like to call it, the business card drawer. Do you know who any of those cards belong to or what business or organization they're with? No peeking!

Your business card may be the first, or most recent impression people have of your business, so making it count is crucial. An outstanding business card won't get tossed in the drawer, it'll get tacked on the wall where it can be seen and admired every day. That's top-of-mind awareness.

When your business card reflects a crisp design and great quality, it lets potential clients and sales leads know that you, and your organization, pay attention to even the smallest details.

Metzgers' business card printing services will let your card speak for itself. Our quality cardstock, digital printing options will leave a lasting impression, especially when you select unique business card features like:

  • Embossing, foil stamping and magnetic stock
  • Raised lettering and custom coatings
  • Double sided printing
  • Unique sizes

You can supply us with your print-ready files, or our design team can help you develop a business card that will stand out in a crowd. We can also assist you with full corporate identity packages to make branding a breeze.

Business Card Printing Options

There are unlimited options when it comes to creating a business card.

Rounded corners. Sharp corners. Over or under-sized. Coated or textured. Spot coating. Unique materials such as plastic, Tyvek, metal, vinyl, poly or cello.

If you can dream it up, Metzgers can make it come to life.

• Premium Business Cards
• Raised Business Cards
• Spot Gloss Business cards
• Metallic Finish Business Cards
• Folded Business Cards
• Online Business Cards
• Networking Cards
• Plastic Business Cards
• Appointment Business Cards
• Punch Cards

To get started on your business card printing project, decide if you already have a design or would like to you our in-house design team to create a template. Then, choose the paper or other business card substrate that jibes with your brand's personality.

Once those decisions are made, you can consider embellishments like embossing, foil, die-cuts and special finishes to give your card a one-of-a-kind look. You can even work with our tech team to incorporate QR coding and other interactive marketing options.

When you're designing a new business card, it's a good idea to update your stationery, letterhead, notepads and other printed materials to create cohesive communications package.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration, and call us at 419-861-8611 to get started on your business card project today.

Catalog Printing and Mailing

Need a catalog? You've come to the right place. At Metzgers, we can quickly create a catalog that showcases your products. You tell us what you want, and we'll handle everything else.

Here's how we turn your ideas into eye-catching catalogs that get noticed.

Know exactly how your catalog should look? Great! Have no idea? No problem! You can be involved in the design as little or as much as you'd like. Our experts can make take whatever you can imagine and make it into a design that will stand out and support your brand image.

Typos are embarrassing. Avoid them with our online proofing software. You can make and see changes in real time so you'll know your project is correct before it gets to you.

Our commercial offset printing presses can produce your large or small printing job in days, not weeks. We have a variety of colors and paper types to choose from so you're getting exactly what you want.

Don't have time to pick up your order and take it to the post office? You don't have to. Let Metzgers print and mail your catalogs. Because we use the National Change of Address database, you won't have to worry about your catalogs winding up at the wrong address.

Not ready to send your catalogs yet? Metzgers can store them for you until you're ready to use them. Our 60,000 square feet of warehouse space will keep them clean, dry, protected and organized. You can even send some out now and store the remainder with us. When you're ready for the rest to go out, just give us a call and we'll send them. We can even store and mail business cards, product samples, or other items that accompany your catalogs. It's like having your own printing department, at a fraction of the cost.

Get your products out there. Metzgers can help you spread the word quickly and cost efficiently. Ask us more about our catalog services.

Brochure Printing

Whatever you want to say about your company, Metzgers will help you say it. We provide brochure printing services to help you get the message out and catch the attention of prospective customers.

When it comes to brochures, you're only limited by your imagination. We can design an eye-catching piece to fit any specifications. Want crisp, clear graphics? Thanks to our offset printing process, you've got them. Need brochures fast? Our printing capabilities and fulfillment team ensure quick turnaround.

We can customize your brochures to you. In addition to determining your design and content, you can choose from a variety of paper weights, shapes, colors, and folds. Or, you can leave it all up to our experts.

Brochure Options

Anyone can let you pick a color and paper type. At Metzgers, we've got a variety of color, coatings, folds and sizes to choose from. But we've also got options the other guys can't touch.

Here's some of them:

Are you mailing a brochure and hoping to get a questionnaire or donation back? PFUGO is your answer. It stands for Perfing, Folding Unique Gluing Operations, and it uses unique folds and remoistenable glue for a one-piece brochure with a detachable form. You'll cut down on mailing cost and cut the risk of someone losing your return envelope. We've also got a variety of other folds to choose from.

Web-to-Print Storefonts
Our brochure choices keep going even after they're delivered to you. Do you need a way to conveniently customize and order additional brochures while maintaining corporate control? Web-to-Print Storefronts could be your answer. They'll ensure you get your brochures quickly and that no one on your team gets too creative with the design you worked so hard on.

Direct Mailing
Once your brochures are completed, let us handle mailing them out! We'll address them using our digital data cleansing system so no incorrect addresses get printed, and we'll check your addresses against the National Change of Address (NCOA) data set to ensure you're not paying to mail your brochures to the wrong place.

Tell us how we can get your message out. Ask us about our brochure printing services.

Brochure Printing Case Studies

Short-run Printing

When you need something printed quickly and don't want to pay the high costs for offset printing setups and inks, consider short-run printing.

What is it?

Unlike its older brother, offset printing, short-run printing is done with a digital printer and toner. Metzgers can print books, brochures, business cards, posters and magazines quickly and for considerably less money with short-run printing.

Short-run is the obvious choice when you only need 20 copies of a pamphlet for a presentation, or 50 employee handbooks, or a half-dozen catalogs for your marketing department to proof before ordering a full run.

How does it work?

When you submit your document to Metzgers, our pre-press department will prepare it and send it to the press. We'll come up with a live proof for you to approve. Sometimes this proof will just be an electronic copy, sometimes it will be a printed hard copy. Once you're happy with the proof, we'll print your run.

Most digital short-run orders are completed within 24 hours of the live proof being approved.

Still not sold on it?

A major advantage of short-run printing is its compatibility with several other great Metzgers services. We offer in-line stitching and binding for short-run products.

Need to customize each copy? Our variable-data printing services allow us to easily swap out images or text on individual brochures, books and more. Variable-data printing is not possible with offset printing, where the printer plates mean each sheet printed is completely identical.

What's the catch?

The only limitation to short-run printing? Paper size. Our digital printer can print on paper up to 14.3 x 26 inches. This is more than big enough for most posters, books, brochures, cards and just about anything you'd need. If it won't work for your project, we'll suggest wide-format printing.



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