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Metzgers means more commercial printing and mailing services all under one roof:

We can also manage web-to-print storefronts and personalized microsites customized for your commercial business and your marketing needs.

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Memory Books

Electronic books are great, but an e-book doesn’t produce the same type of experience as a printed book, especially if it’s commemorating a special event, like a wedding, reunion, or graduation. And how about that children’s book you wrote? Wouldn’t you like to see it in a cover worthy of any bookstore shelf?

Metzgers bindery and folding department will take your pages and create a book that captures your story – whether it’s pure imagination, or decades of memories.


You can put a ton of information into the hands of your audience all in one convenient package, whether it’s a quarterly journal, an alumni magazine or an annual report. The creative team at Metzgers can help you design it. Then our printing and bindery teams can bring it to life. Whether you want 50 copies or a few thousand, Metzgers’ presses can collate, fold, and saddle stitch your document quickly and cleanly.

Take a look at our videos featuring the bindery department to see our machines in action.

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Training Manual Printing

Your training process is important to the success of your business, and your training manuals need to last. They also need to be flexible, so that you can adjust your processes as your business evolves.

Our training manual printing services will help you meet both goals.

For a training manual that lasts, choose a plastic or laminated cover, which we can brand using a screen print. The ideal interior pages are a heavier weight coated stock that won't separate from the binding.

Speaking of binding, there are dozens of options to consider, including;

Perfect binding – clean spine, ideal for thicker training manuals. The finished product looks like a book.

Spiral binding – a coiled plastic is threaded through holes in the pages. Pages are easy to flip, and it folds in half for convenience.

Saddle-stich binding – pages are folded in a booklet style and stapled along the spine. Ideal for shorter training manuals.

Comb binding – tabs on the plastic sleeve are inserted through holes in the pages. The finished training manual will lie flat, like your mom's cookbooks.

Plastic grip binding – tabs are inserted through the pages into a holder on the opposite site. Extra tab length is melted off to seal the binding. This process is ideal for a limited use manual.

For training manuals that need to be updated frequently, we recommend a binder-style manual similar to those you used in school. There are many binders to choose from, including 3-ring, 6-ring and D-ring styles. The amount of information in your training manual will determine which option is best.

We can screen-print the cover with your brand graphics, and we can also print, sort and collate the pages. We can even assemble the training manual binders for you.

Contact us to talk about your training manual printing project today.

Hand Assembly Services

Your direct mail piece is only as good as its response rate. Thick envelopes and 3D promotional kits yield a larger return on investment than a traditional #10 envelope or a catalog, but it's nearly impossible to automate assembly for such involved pieces.

So how do you produce 3D kits or over-stuffed envelopes for distribution? With Metzgers' hand assembly services.

Mom Squad

Metzgers' Mom Squad is the heart of our full-service hand assembly process. Common hand-assembly projects include:

  • Welcome kits
  • Sample packs
  • Product launch kits
  • Gift boxes
  • Promotional kits
  • DVD or CD mailers

If you've developed several printed pieces to be mailed in one envelope, Mom Squad will organize all your printed materials in the order you specify, insert them by hand into the envelope and seal it for send-out. They can even hand-address the envelopes for a personal touch.

The hand-assembly process is similar for kits and 3D mailers. Mom Squad builds each box or kit by hand, fills them with your printed materials and branded promotional products, includes appropriate package filler, and seals the containers for shipping. They also apply the shipping labels or hand-address the packages.

Presentation of Hand-Assembled Kits

Powerful presentation can improve open and response rates. Using corrugated materials as their canvas and clay, our design team can create containers in any shape imaginable, and our all-over printing process will turn your kit into a work of art.

We can even develop dividers and holders cut specifically for your items to make sure they stay put during shipping.

Call us at 419-861-8611 or contact us to discuss your hand-assembly project today.

Sales Kit Fulfillment & Design

Are you launching a new product line, reaching out to prospective customers, or even rebranding your entire company?

How are you going to explain who you are and what you offer in a unique, engaging way?

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a custom-designed box full of brochures and catalogs to help explain your products? You could even throw in a few pens, a notebook and other promotional items to help you stay on your customers' minds.

Metzgers' sales kits make that happen.

We not only design your sales materials and promotional products, we can put them all together in a kit and send them to your customers for you. We can even make the most of the packaging by designing a customized box with your logo, product photos, and other information, so you don't lose an inch of valuable marketing space.

Here's how we turn your idea into a sales kit design that makes an impact on your audience.

Sales Representative Meets

Account Manager meets with you: Each sales kit is different and the process varies. Metzgers can help make your fully formed idea a reality, or design a concept that fits your needs. The sales representative will find out who the sales kit is for, and what it should contain.

Here are some of the items we can include in your sales kit:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Business cards
  • Sales sheets
  • Promotional products (hats, pens, coasters, magnets)
  • Digital materials (CDs/DVDs)
  • Personalized print items (brochures and other materials using your prospect's name and tailored to their interests)

If you don't have a concept, we'll turn to our creative department.

Creative Meeting

Creative brainstorming meeting: One or several members of the creative department will develop a plan of action to best realize your expectations. They'll select the sales kit's contents and determine the size, shape, and design of the box. They'll make decisions about the color palette and logo placement. Then, they'll produce mock-ups and prototypes for you to approve.


Production: After you've finalized the sales kit design and its contents, everyone gets to work. We'll order your corporate promotional items. Our print production team will finish the boxes and the business cards, brochures, catalogs, and other print promotional materials for your sales kit. Then, we'll put everything together for your approval.


Fulfillment: Next, our famous Mom Squad will assemble, pack, and ship sales kits by hand at a moment's notice. They can tie bows, stuff envelopes, handle fragile pieces, and complete other tasks a machine can't, whether you're sending 10 kits or 10,000.

Mailing & Shipping

Shipping: After that, we can even ship your sales kits for you, saving you a trip to the Post Office. Want to include your prospect's name on the box or printed materials inside it? Our shipping team will verify the addresses to ensure Steve's box won't be shipped to Mary. Don't want to send all your sales kits at once? We'll warehouse them and ship them when you're ready.

Metzgers has your solution. Contact us to see how we can help with your custom sales kit & design.



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