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Metzgers means more commercial printing and mailing services all under one roof:

We can also manage web-to-print storefronts and personalized microsites customized for your commercial business and your marketing needs.

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Mailing Address Verification

Mailing Address Verification

You've created an enticing sales promotion and designed an eye-catching mailing around it. You've taken extreme care to fill your mailing list with people in your target demographic.

Now, we'll make sure the mailings reach them.

You can put endless hours into the perfect direct mail campaign, but if it doesn't end up in the right hands, it won't matter. That's where Metzgers comes in. Our mailing address verification practices will ensure your mailings make it to their destinations.

We use four layers of address verification to reduce your undeliverable mail. They are:

CASS certification
Metzgers is CASS certified. That means we use United States Postal Service-approved software to standardize and ZIP+4 code your addresses. It also ensures the address on your envelope even exists to cut down on returned mail.

NCOA Data Set
More than 40 million people move every year. At Metzgers, we have access to the National Change of Address (NCOA) data set. If someone on your list has recently moved, we'll know about it. We check the database to ensure we're using the most current address available, greatly reducing money spent on wasted mailing materials.

Address Printing
At Metzgers, we take an extra step to reduce mail waste from mismatched or incorrect labels and barcodes. We print addresses and barcodes together and ensure every piece of mail matches its intended recipient before it's sent.

Don't guess where your mailings are. Know where they are. Metzgers also offers tracking services so you can be sure your materials get to the right people at the right time.

A little attention to detail before your materials are mailed greatly reduces mail waste and ensures your mailings wind up in the right hands. Ask us how we can put our address verification practices to work for you.

PFUGO - Unique Mailer / Reply Mail

Are you a foundation or charity looking for donations? How do you keep your costs down while mailing out engaging materials that garner responses (and checks)?

PFUGO could be your answer.

It's a term we created for our Perfing, Folding, Unique Gluing Operations. It lets us use one sheet (plus some creative perforations, folding, and gluing) to print your unique mailer. That keeps your costs down and reduces the risk of your papers getting lost once they get to their address. You won't have to worry about tucking reply mail into envelopes that might wind up stuck to the bottom of a shoe or tossed in the trash. Your reply mail will be attached to your envelope and unique mailing piece with a perforated edge that your recipients can detach, seal with our remoistenable glue and return with an enclosed check.

Your Choices with PFUGO Unique Mailers / Reply Mail
The term is ours. But the choice is yours. PFUGO is easily adaptable to your return response campaign because we have choices to fit whatever you need. We can use a variety of folds, and remoistenable or fugitive glue to tailor your unique return mailing piece to your needs.

PFUGO and other Metzgers services

Mailing and Addressing
PFUGO is great alone, and even better when you combine it with other Metzgers services. Why not let us handle all the mailing and fulfillment of your pieces? We can design, fold, address and send your unique mailers to your entire mailing list. And because our mailing services use the National Change of Address data set, you know the addresses will be current and correct. Handling every step of your project helps us keep costs down, control the quality of your pieces and meet your deadlines.

Variable Data Printing
If you need a hyper-personalized unique mailer, Metzgers can combine our PFUGO capabilities with our Variable Data Printing services to help you target and engage the correct audience. When your prospective donor visits a Personalized URL (PURL) and enters information, we'll use that info to target your unique mailer to them. Instead of sending a donation form to everyone in your area, you're sending one to "Lisa," who has expressed interest in your charity.

How can we use PFUGO to help you? Tell us what you're looking for when you contact us!

PFUGO Case Study

Mailing Lists



You've got mail. Let us help you send it. Metzgers merges colorful direct mail campaigns with one-to-one variable-data mailing. That means you can put that stunning brochure into the hands of a specific individual.

Variable data printing is commonly available in two approaches:

Batch processing of multiple names in a single database, usually for direct mail campaigns (such as reaching all valedictorians and salutatorians in a 200-mile radius of your college or university).

Print-on-Demand production of individual print pieces automatically when a prospect completes a specific activity (such as returning a postcard or filling out an online request for more information).

And you won't just be addressing them by name. You also can tailor the content and images to your recipient. The final product can be a postcard, pamphlet, brochure, flyer...anything up to 14" by 22".

Metzgers also offers list generation, processing, and management. Let us take care of this research-intensive task so you don't have to. We use fully vetted sources to create new targeted mailing lists and clean up the lists you have. We can sort by ZIP, remove duplicate addresses, and verify the accuracy of the list.

Check out our videos or contact us to learn more about our mailing services and the benefits of one-to-one variable data printing.

Warehousing and Distribution


You have hundreds of custom-printed travel mugs in dozens of boxes all waiting for your big event…which is four weeks away. You have two choices: you can stuff boxes into every conceivable corner of your office suite OR you can let Metzgers store them for you.

With more than 60,000 square feet of onsite warehouse space dedicated to customer inventory, Metzgers is one of the largest-volume shippers in all of Ohio. That means we can pass along rate and service benefits to you. Combine that with the fact that all of our printing, warehousing and distribution functions are housed in one location, and you can see how we can reduce logistical problems and save you time, money, and probably a few headaches.

In addition, we’ll keep track of everything for you. Metzgers offers inventory management of whatever you’re storing: catalogs and brochures, premiums and specialty items, direct mail kits, promotional products or anything you store and track. We’ll keep everything up to date, let you know when inventory runs low, and even set up your products to automatically replenish.

We can even create a customized online store for your business that can include ordering print, promotional items and corporate apparel all from one storefront. Metzgers manages corporate storefronts for many of our clients, so affiliates, representatives, franchisees, and channel partners can order what they need directly from your inventory.

And remember, we keep track of everything so if you start running low, we’ll tell you.

Contact us to learn more about inventory and mailing list management, warehousing, and distribution.

Case Studies

Kitting and Assembly (Pick, Pack & Ship)

So what is Kitting?  We get that question a lot. Sometimes it’s called “pick and pack” or “pick, pack, and ship” or “fulfillment”. It can involve a few pieces in one package – like a letter and response card in one mailing envelope – or it can include a lot of branded promotional items – like a folder full of flyers, brochures and a business card, plus a spiral-bound notebook, all going in a box for mailing. Browse our list of promotional items for more ideas for your promotional kit.

KittingWhether you need to assemble and distribute items for 20 people or 2,000, it can be time-consuming. That’s where the Metzgers Mom Squad comes in. Yes, they’re moms, and they’re one of the most efficient pick/pack units in the industry. They’ve been thoroughly trained in a wide range of kitting projects and can begin working on very short notice. The Mom Squad can:

  • Assemble, package and ship kits that include print pieces, display items, product samples, and other promotional items.
  • Manage complex kitting operations, including those with a combination of inventory and on-demand items. They will provide partial assembly for hold until the final pieces are delivered, and then get it out the door the same day.
  • Manage staged shipping over days or weeks, or ensure that long-term, on-demand kitting gets same-day shipping.
  • Track and report inventory on a daily basis to eliminate back-order delays.

Download our Packaging Style Catalog for package design ideas or contact us for more details.

Download Metzgers CAD Reference Guide PDF


Pick, Pack and Ship Case Study



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