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Mass personalization. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? But it can be done! You can reach out to one person about one specific topic with an eye-catching, informative eBrochure.

It all starts when a key prospect – a potential client, student, or customer – clicks a button or fills out a form on your website asking for more information. The response will be either a customized high-resolution PDF that’s emailed to your prospect, or a full-color customized brochure that’s mailed the same day. The brochure is individualized by name, interest and/or need. The custom content can include text, images, or entire pages. And the cost of each brochure is the same, whether we send out one or 100 daily.

So, you can send more than just a catalog about your engineering program to a student at a local high school. You can send a PDF to a valedictorian named Chris who is interested in aerospace engineering and include scholarship options based on GPA.

With eBrochures, you don’t have to spend money hoping the right information is getting to the right person – you know it is!

Watch our videos about the merging of print and digital through variable-data mailing, take a look at our Case Studies where eBrochures have been beneficial, see examples in our Portfolio, or contact us for more details about how it can work for you.



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