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Direct Mail Fulfillment Operations

How are you going to let potential customers know who you are and what you do? Direct Mailing literally puts that information in their hands. Whether you want to tailor your mailings to a mass audience or to each individual recipient, Metzgers can make that happen. And we work with multiple shipping vendors to ensure the best possible shipping rates for your project, whether you're mailing a lightweight pamphlet or a box stuffed with promotional products —to 12 addresses or 1,200. We can reach 80 percent of the U.S. population in two days via UPS ground and can even coordinate shipping into Canada.

Metzgers has the machinery and equipment to handle any job quickly. We offer black and white and full color printing and assembly by machine and/or by hand to ensure your entire mailing gets to the right place and looks exactly like you wanted. We also have a postage pricing cheatsheet available for you.

Our direct mail fulfillment services include:

Kitting and Assembly
Also known as pick, pack and ship, this is how we get all the things we've designed for you into their envelopes or boxes to deliver them to your customers. It can range from a few pieces, like a letter and response card in one envelope or a bunch of branded promotional items, business cards, and flyers in a box. And we know that some products require an actual set of human hands, so we can pack items using our Mom Squad, who can tie bows, handle delicate pieces of your mailing, and complete other tasks that machines can't.

Intelligent Inserting
We know that sometimes you need your mailings to go out NOW, but you also need them to be correct. That's where our intelligent inserting comes in. Our six station inserting machine with Lake Imaging cameras and intelligence for mail match will ensure the correct contents are mailed to the correct recipients.

QR Codes
What if you could turn your paper mailing products into engaging, trackable, interactive marketing campaigns for little or no additional money? You can.

Metzgers can create Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) for your projects. These traceable codes are a great low-cost option to help engage potential customers. 

Placed on an envelope, they can be scanned in seconds with a phone or mobile device, acting as mobile shortcuts to your website, videos, coupons, and other content. When you put them on the outside of your envelope, the recipient can access this information even if they don't open the envelope or the contents get lost. Using QR codes also makes it easy for you to track interest levels from your mailing because codes resolve to your Website.

Do you need to mail out eye-catching information with a response card? Do you want to cut down on your shipping costs while you do it? PFUGO, or Perfing. Folding. Unique. Gluing. Operations., could be the answer to your direct mail problem. We print out your brochure and response card on one sheet and use folding and perforated segments so recipients can mail your response card back. This technique cuts down on wasted paper and streamlines your mailing.

You're paying good money to mail your pieces; you don't want to waste postage on addresses that aren't correct. At Metzgers, you won't. We sort data before it's sprayed on the envelope and use our digital data cleansing system so no incorrect addresses get printed, much less mailed. We have access to the National Change of Address (NCOA) data set, so if someone on your mailing list moves, we know about it. And our inkjet printers print addresses and barcodes to ensure every piece of mail matches up with the intended recipient.

We're also Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified, meaning we standardize, ZIP+4 code, and verify that your addresses exist according to the USPS through our address-matching software to ensure we're efficiently addressing your mailings.

Who has control over your shipment after it leaves our building? We do. We can work with shipping companies to track your packages every step of the way to ensure they arrive on time.

At Metzgers, we'll work with you to find the best shipping and fulfillment options for your particular situation. Ask us what's right for you.

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