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Hand Assembly Portfolio


Project Details: Showcasing new design pieces for Coca-Cola's new aluminum bottles and heritage glass that tied into their 150th anniversary campaign.

Service: Fulfillment, Kitting & Assembly

Client: Creative Oxygen - Coke

Market: Advertising Agency

Copyright: 2013

Techniques: Assisted with post production (kitting and fulfillment). Print outsourced.

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola

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Hand Assembly Services

Your direct mail piece is only as good as its response rate. Thick envelopes and 3D promotional kits yield a larger return on investment than a traditional #10 envelope or a catalog, but it's nearly impossible to automate assembly for such involved pieces.

So how do you produce 3D kits or over-stuffed envelopes for distribution? With Metzgers' hand assembly services.

Mom Squad

Metzgers' Mom Squad is the heart of our full-service hand assembly process. Common hand-assembly projects include:

  • Welcome kits
  • Sample packs
  • Product launch kits
  • Gift boxes
  • Promotional kits
  • DVD or CD mailers

If you've developed several printed pieces to be mailed in one envelope, Mom Squad will organize all your printed materials in the order you specify, insert them by hand into the envelope and seal it for send-out. They can even hand-address the envelopes for a personal touch.

The hand-assembly process is similar for kits and 3D mailers. Mom Squad builds each box or kit by hand, fills them with your printed materials and branded promotional products, includes appropriate package filler, and seals the containers for shipping. They also apply the shipping labels or hand-address the packages.

Presentation of Hand-Assembled Kits

Powerful presentation can improve open and response rates. Using corrugated materials as their canvas and clay, our design team can create containers in any shape imaginable, and our all-over printing process will turn your kit into a work of art.

We can even develop dividers and holders cut specifically for your items to make sure they stay put during shipping.

Call us at 419-861-8611 or contact us to discuss your hand-assembly project today.



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