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Mailing Address Verification

Mailing Address Verification

You've created an enticing sales promotion and designed an eye-catching mailing around it. You've taken extreme care to fill your mailing list with people in your target demographic.

Now, we'll make sure the mailings reach them.

You can put endless hours into the perfect direct mail campaign, but if it doesn't end up in the right hands, it won't matter. That's where Metzgers comes in. Our mailing address verification practices will ensure your mailings make it to their destinations.

We use four layers of address verification to reduce your undeliverable mail. They are:

CASS certification
Metzgers is CASS certified. That means we use United States Postal Service-approved software to standardize and ZIP+4 code your addresses. It also ensures the address on your envelope even exists to cut down on returned mail.

NCOA Data Set
More than 40 million people move every year. At Metzgers, we have access to the National Change of Address (NCOA) data set. If someone on your list has recently moved, we'll know about it. We check the database to ensure we're using the most current address available, greatly reducing money spent on wasted mailing materials.

Address Printing
At Metzgers, we take an extra step to reduce mail waste from mismatched or incorrect labels and barcodes. We print addresses and barcodes together and ensure every piece of mail matches its intended recipient before it's sent.

Don't guess where your mailings are. Know where they are. Metzgers also offers tracking services so you can be sure your materials get to the right people at the right time.

A little attention to detail before your materials are mailed greatly reduces mail waste and ensures your mailings wind up in the right hands. Ask us how we can put our address verification practices to work for you.



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