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Online Print Proofing – Do You Aproove?

Fast fulfillment and shipping don't mean much if your printing project isn't completed correctly. Metzgers has a better way to ensure you're happy with every element of your project before it gets to you. Our online proofing software gives everyone involved in the creative process real-time interactive mark-up and communication across multiple sites – from initial concept to final production. There's no waiting for a mailed or hand-delivered proof.

And that's not all. Using Metzgers' online proofing software, you can:

  • Upload replacement files with ease
  • Review files with your team and ours simultaneously without multiple hard copies
  • Compare updated versions against older versions on the same screen
  • See your changes instantly.

View Your Printed Project

Our online proofing system comes with a variety of viewing capabilities that let you see changes instantly the way you want to. You can even switch between views.

Booklet View
Booklet View allows you to flip through pages as you would the final printed project. It's like having a book you can edit when you want. If you're not happy with the wording, use the Drawing Tool or Indicator Tool to indicate where you'd like a change.

Production View
Need to see all your pages at once or ease the workload for long documents? Use Production View. It shows all your printed pages as thumbnails and highlights edited pages so you can quickly see where changes will go.

Editing Capabilities

Edit the way you want to with flexible editing tools. You can indicate changes using one of two methods.

Drawing Tool
The Drawing tool allows you to click and draw with your mouse to indicate where you'd like a change. It takes the guesswork out of editing for our team members, allowing them to see the precise place in the text you want a correction.

Indicator Tool
Click anywhere on the page and enter your text in the drop-down box.

Whichever editing tool you use, you can validate your changes, upload more files and attach replacement files with ease.

Coupled with secured access and multi-level password protection, the decision-tree process—including streamlined job submission, versioning control and custom-made e-mail notification—makes the management of complex creative projects simple and cost-effective. Ask if online proofing is right for your project.



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