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What Clients Say

Your training process is important to the success of your business, and your training manuals need to last. They also need to be flexible, so that you can adjust your processes as your business evolves.

Our training manual printing and assembly services will help you accomplish both goals.

For a training manual that lasts, choose a plastic or laminated cover, which we can brand using a screen print. The ideal interior pages are a heavier weight coated stock that won't separate from the binding.

Speaking of binding, there are dozens of options to consider, including;

  • Perfect binding – clean spine, ideal for thicker training manuals. The finished product looks like a book.
  • Spiral binding – a coiled plastic is threaded through holes in the pages. Pages are easy to flip, and it folds in half for convenience.
  • Saddle-stich binding – pages are folded in a booklet style and stapled along the spine. Ideal for shorter training manuals.
  • Comb binding – tabs on the plastic sleeve are inserted through holes in the pages. The finished training manual will lie flat, like your mom's cookbooks.
  • Plastic grip binding – tabs are inserted through the pages into a holder on the opposite site. Extra tab length is melted off to seal the binding. This process is ideal for a limited use manual.

These binding options are better suited for training manuals that won't be edited very often. If you'll need to update your training manuals frequently, we recommend a binder-style manual similar to those you used in school.

There are many binders to choose from, including 3-ring, 6-ring and D-ring styles. The best choice will be determined by the amount of information in your training manual. We can screen-print the cover of the binder with your brand graphics, and we can also print, sort and collate the pages.

We can even assemble the training manual binders for you, swap out sections and pages, and update content as needed.

Contact us today to talk about your training manual printing and assembly project today.



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