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Window Decal Printing

Window decal printing lets you take advantage of your unused window space for advertising.

Window decals can be printed in two different applications, using a light adhesive backing or a static-cling method.

The substrate for both applications is a 4 mil clear or frosted white synthetic plastic sheet. We can print these window decals in full color on one side of the sheet.

Window decals can be printed in nearly any size – from small decals that display your hours to full-window decals to advertise a sale or grand opening. And although we call them window decals, these items can be applied to almost any smooth surface, such as a metal counter.

Designing a Window Decal

Due to the 4-color printing process, we cannot print white on the window decals. Any white in the design will print as clear. Should you want white in the design, we recommend choosing the frosted substrate.

The widow decal substrate material may shrink or expand as a result of the printing process. This makes exact cuts difficult, so we recommend avoiding borders in your window decal design. If a border is necessary, design it to be at least two inches thick.

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