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Metzgers Mom Squad


You need to create a brochure, letter, flyer and business card. And you need all those items packaged together and sent out to 500 recipients – by the end of the week.

Metzgers can help.

How? Do we use a state-of-the-art machine or revolutionary organizational method?

Nope. We do what anyone who needs help fast does.

We turn to our Moms.

Moms make miracles happen every day. They get the kids to school, practice and play dates, while refereeing arguments and solving problems. The Metzgers Mom Squad is made up of real-life moms who transfer their miracle-making abilities to our kitting and assembly services, also known as "print, pack, and ship." Working part time, they can come together at a moment's notice to package and ship your informational packets quickly with an attention to detail you won't get with a machine.

These moms are specially trained in a wide range of kitting and assembly projects. They can handle your mailings for 20 people or 20,000, and they're known as one of the most efficient kitting and assembly units in the entire industry.

The Metzgers Mom Squad can:

  • Assemble, package and ship kits that include print items, display pieces, product samples, and other promotional items.
  • Manage complex kitting operations, including those with a combination of inventory and on-demand items. They can provide partial assembly for hold until the final pieces are delivered, and ship the completed package the same day.
  • Assemble packages comprising multiple variable-data items, with each individual item in the kit tailored exclusively to its intended recipient.
  • Manage staged shipping over days or weeks, or ensure that long-term, on-demand kitting gets same-day shipping.
  • Track and report inventory on a daily basis to eliminate back-order delays

No missing or duplicate items because of machine error. No ordering weeks in advance. No dealing with one company for printing and others for packing and shipping. The Metzgers Mom Squad will make your pack, print and ship job their mission. See the Mom Squad difference for yourself. Contact us to see what our Moms can do for you.



207 Arco Drive

Toledo, OH 43607-2906

Phone: 419.861.8611

Fax: 419.861.3299

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