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Calendar Printing

Create top-of-mind-awareness for your business with our custom printed calendars. Metzgers offers the best calendar printing services for your promotional and marketing needs. We offer a variety of calendar printing formats, including:

  • Card calendars
  • Poster calendars
  • Wall calendars
  • Desktop calendars

We offer a variety of options, including sizes and stocks, for each calendar type, so you can customize it to your exact specifications. You can even have it printed in full, photo-quality color.

Want a daily pocket calendar? Done.

Need a weekly agenda? We can put it together for you.

We can even create single, double, or triple month calendars that hang on the wall.

Our graphic design team is happy to consult with you on the layout or execute it for you.


Benefits of Calendar Printing

The primary benefit of a branded calendar is that your audience will look at it nearly every day of the week, which will keep your business at the forefront of their subconscious thought.

Calendars are also inexpensive to print, and can serve as the cornerstone of your marketing campaign. We can even custom-print notifications on specific days to remind your customer to call you to place an order or discuss other business matters.
And we can turn your project around quickly so you can distribute your calendars as soon as possible.

For more information about calendar printing, call 419-861-8611 today.



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