Commercial Printing & Mailing Services

Metzgers means more commercial printing and mailing services all under one roof:

We can also manage web-to-print storefronts and personalized microsites customized for your commercial business and your marketing needs.

Browse the site, flip through our Portfolio, and watch videos about our many services. If you have any questions about your specific project, contact us!

Offset Printing

Offset Printing

When you receive a brochure in the mail or pick up a cabinetry magazine in your local home improvement store, does it make you stop what you're doing to look at it?

That's the power of Offset Printing. Your document could contain the most useful information on the planet, but high-quality printing is what makes it pop. It's part of that crucial first impression for:

  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • View Books
  • Stationery

Metzgers' commercial offset printing presses can put ink on paper in six colors and widths up to 40" to produce 100,000 or more pieces of literature in a very short amount of time, so you get quantity and quality without delays. We feed the offset printers with a digital pre-press system, which saves time.

And the Metzgers team manages the presses for the maximum benefit of our clients, whether your print run demands speed, size, and/or flexibility, so you can get your order in days, not weeks.

And with our online proofing software, you'll know your project is correct before it gets to you. You can make and review changes instantly without waiting for hand-delivered or mailed proofs.

Take a look at our videos to see our offset printers (and our team) in action. Get an eyeful of "wow" at our Portfolio, and take a look at our offset printing Case Studies.

Offset Printing Case Studies

Creative Services


Metzgers offers a full suite of creative services to help you execute great print and design without a lot of man-power.

Don't have an in-house creative team? You do now.

Are your in-house creatives slammed? Let us handle the overflow.

Have a project that's out of your depth, such as packaging design? We've got the skills.

Our creatives have worked on in-house and agency creative teams, so we know what it takes to get the job done right. We're also experienced in a variety of printed and digital publishing, so when we create the work for you, there won't be any need for file type conversion, margin adjustments, or other such changes.

We'll work with your team to develop the great creative you need, and we'll even let you pick our brains if you want.

When we say we offer a full suite of creative services, we mean it.

  • Design – web pages, print pieces, online ads, printed ads, presentations, packaging and more.
  • Layout – magazines, brochures, newsletters
  • Graphic development – calls-to-action, branding and identity systems
  • Logo creation – new business or a redesign 

We do it all, for all kinds of industries, including automotive, health care, entertainment, non-profit, and more. And when we're done, the work is yours to publish, print, or edit as you see fit.

Call Tim Fisher at 419-861-8611 or email him to talk about your creative services needs today.

Online Print Proofing – Do You Aproove?

Fast fulfillment and shipping don't mean much if your printing project isn't completed correctly. Metzgers has a better way to ensure you're happy with every element of your project before it gets to you. Our online proofing software gives everyone involved in the creative process real-time interactive mark-up and communication across multiple sites – from initial concept to final production. There's no waiting for a mailed or hand-delivered proof.

And that's not all. Using Metzgers' online proofing software, you can:

  • Upload replacement files with ease
  • Review files with your team and ours simultaneously without multiple hard copies
  • Compare updated versions against older versions on the same screen
  • See your changes instantly.

View Your Printed Project

Our online proofing system comes with a variety of viewing capabilities that let you see changes instantly the way you want to. You can even switch between views.

Booklet View
Booklet View allows you to flip through pages as you would the final printed project. It's like having a book you can edit when you want. If you're not happy with the wording, use the Drawing Tool or Indicator Tool to indicate where you'd like a change.

Production View
Need to see all your pages at once or ease the workload for long documents? Use Production View. It shows all your printed pages as thumbnails and highlights edited pages so you can quickly see where changes will go.

Editing Capabilities

Edit the way you want to with flexible editing tools. You can indicate changes using one of two methods.

Drawing Tool
The Drawing tool allows you to click and draw with your mouse to indicate where you'd like a change. It takes the guesswork out of editing for our team members, allowing them to see the precise place in the text you want a correction.

Indicator Tool
Click anywhere on the page and enter your text in the drop-down box.

Whichever editing tool you use, you can validate your changes, upload more files and attach replacement files with ease.

Coupled with secured access and multi-level password protection, the decision-tree process—including streamlined job submission, versioning control and custom-made e-mail notification—makes the management of complex creative projects simple and cost-effective. Ask if online proofing is right for your project.




Metzgers puts the power in your hands with our eServices. We make it easy for you to customize, order, and control your brand, all online. We'll work with you to determine the eServices that will work best for you. Our offerings include:

Web-to-Print Store Fronts: What if you could order more personalized business cards, appointment reminders, or other materials simply by logging onto a website that offered only the designs your business was using and entering a few details? You can, with Metzgers Web-to-Print Store Fronts. We'll set up a unique branded online ordering website where your authorized employees can order the custom, personalized advertizing materials you've already approved.

Personalized Microsites: How do you stand out to prospects among the millions of social media advertizing campaigns, emails and pop-up ads they are bombarded with every day? What if the website you directed them to was personalized specifically to them, and the information they provided helped you tailor your marketing to them? Metzgers Personalized Microsites, or Personal URLS (PURLS) can do that. A prospect receives a personalized mailer with a URL. When they go to the URL, they hit a customized landing page with a survey so you can collect the information you need to help you earn their business.

eBrochures: Hundreds of people may visit your website daily. Why not market specifically to the audience that's already interested in your business in a way that's unique to t hem? That's what Metzgers eBrochures do. When a visitor enters information on a form in your site, we use that information to mail them a brochure customized to them. We can use their name and tailor some of the content to their interests, based on their answers to the web questionnaire. Instead of blindly mailing catalogs to potential students, you can send John, who wants to be an engineer, a catalog with his name detailing your engineering program.

Case Studies

Bindery & Folding

This is where the magic happens for folders, larger brochures, magazines, and even books. In the Metzgers bindery, our presses operate 24/7 and generate thousands of documents. We do it all:

  • Folding
  • Die-Cutting
  • UV Coating
  • Foil Stamping
  • Booklet Assembly
  • Memory Books
  • Embossing
  • Perfect Binding
  • Scoring
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Fugitive, Permanent, and Remoistanable Glues

and much more, including perfing-folding-unique-gluing-operations (a.k.a PFUGO).

Folding Case Study




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