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Short-run Printing

When you need something printed quickly and don't want to pay the high costs for offset printing setups and inks, consider short-run printing.

What is it?

Unlike its older brother, offset printing, short-run printing is done with a digital printer and toner. Metzgers can print books, brochures, business cards, posters and magazines quickly and for considerably less money with short-run printing.

Short-run is the obvious choice when you only need 20 copies of a pamphlet for a presentation, or 50 employee handbooks, or a half-dozen catalogs for your marketing department to proof before ordering a full run.

How does it work?

When you submit your document to Metzgers, our pre-press department will prepare it and send it to the press. We'll come up with a live proof for you to approve. Sometimes this proof will just be an electronic copy, sometimes it will be a printed hard copy. Once you're happy with the proof, we'll print your run.

Most digital short-run orders are completed within 24 hours of the live proof being approved.

Still not sold on it?

A major advantage of short-run printing is its compatibility with several other great Metzgers services. We offer in-line stitching and binding for short-run products.

Need to customize each copy? Our variable-data printing services allow us to easily swap out images or text on individual brochures, books and more. Variable-data printing is not possible with offset printing, where the printer plates mean each sheet printed is completely identical.

What's the catch?

The only limitation to short-run printing? Paper size. Our digital printer can print on paper up to 14.3 x 26 inches. This is more than big enough for most posters, books, brochures, cards and just about anything you'd need. If it won't work for your project, we'll suggest wide-format printing.



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