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One-to-One Variable Data Printing



One-to-one variable-data printing and digital printing technology go together like cake and ice cream. Variable data printing allows you to sort information by various demographics and areas of interest, and customize a flyer, catalog, brochure, eBrochure, or other material to a specific individual…without having to completely recreate files each time

Let’s say you’re a travel agent. Someone visits your website and requests more information about location weddings in the tropics. Our digital printing service will take the person’s name, destination, and any other information you gather and generate either a PDF eBrochure to be sent via email, or a digitally printed brochure that will be mailed out immediately.

Now let’s say you’re a cardiologist, and you need to replenish your supply of booklets about angioplasty. The booklets are customized with specific details about your practice. At Metzgers, we can create a Web-to-Print Storefront that allows you to merge your specific information into the printed material and create as many copies as you need.

Variable-data printing, digital printing on demand, and web-to-print storefronts can be integrated to save time and money. Order what you need, when you need it, with specific details. Whether your university wants to reach out to specific students on college night, your high school arts program wants to create awareness through customized incentives, your large accounting firm needs shirts for its community outreach campaigns, or your small florist shop is giving away reusable shopping totes at a grand opening, Metzgers means more creative, colorful, cost-effective ways to reach your audience.

Check out some of our Case Studies of clients who benefited from variable data printing and digital printing technology; watch our videos to see how the whole thing works; or contact us for more information.

Variable Data Printing Case Studies



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