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Metzgers puts the power in your hands with our eServices. We make it easy for you to customize, order, and control your brand, all online. We'll work with you to determine the eServices that will work best for you. Our offerings include:

Web-to-Print Store Fronts: What if you could order more personalized business cards, appointment reminders, or other materials simply by logging onto a website that offered only the designs your business was using and entering a few details? You can, with Metzgers Web-to-Print Store Fronts. We'll set up a unique branded online ordering website where your authorized employees can order the custom, personalized advertizing materials you've already approved.

Personalized Microsites: How do you stand out to prospects among the millions of social media advertizing campaigns, emails and pop-up ads they are bombarded with every day? What if the website you directed them to was personalized specifically to them, and the information they provided helped you tailor your marketing to them? Metzgers Personalized Microsites, or Personal URLS (PURLS) can do that. A prospect receives a personalized mailer with a URL. When they go to the URL, they hit a customized landing page with a survey so you can collect the information you need to help you earn their business.

eBrochures: Hundreds of people may visit your website daily. Why not market specifically to the audience that's already interested in your business in a way that's unique to t hem? That's what Metzgers eBrochures do. When a visitor enters information on a form in your site, we use that information to mail them a brochure customized to them. We can use their name and tailor some of the content to their interests, based on their answers to the web questionnaire. Instead of blindly mailing catalogs to potential students, you can send John, who wants to be an engineer, a catalog with his name detailing your engineering program.

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