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PFUGO - Unique Mailer / Reply Mail

Are you a foundation or charity looking for donations? How do you keep your costs down while mailing out engaging materials that garner responses (and checks)?

PFUGO could be your answer.

It's a term we created for our Perfing, Folding, Unique Gluing Operations. It lets us use one sheet (plus some creative perforations, folding, and gluing) to print your unique mailer. That keeps your costs down and reduces the risk of your papers getting lost once they get to their address. You won't have to worry about tucking reply mail into envelopes that might wind up stuck to the bottom of a shoe or tossed in the trash. Your reply mail will be attached to your envelope and unique mailing piece with a perforated edge that your recipients can detach, seal with our remoistenable glue and return with an enclosed check.

Your Choices with PFUGO Unique Mailers / Reply Mail
The term is ours. But the choice is yours. PFUGO is easily adaptable to your return response campaign because we have choices to fit whatever you need. We can use a variety of folds, and remoistenable or fugitive glue to tailor your unique return mailing piece to your needs.

PFUGO and other Metzgers services

Mailing and Addressing
PFUGO is great alone, and even better when you combine it with other Metzgers services. Why not let us handle all the mailing and fulfillment of your pieces? We can design, fold, address and send your unique mailers to your entire mailing list. And because our mailing services use the National Change of Address data set, you know the addresses will be current and correct. Handling every step of your project helps us keep costs down, control the quality of your pieces and meet your deadlines.

Variable Data Printing
If you need a hyper-personalized unique mailer, Metzgers can combine our PFUGO capabilities with our Variable Data Printing services to help you target and engage the correct audience. When your prospective donor visits a Personalized URL (PURL) and enters information, we'll use that info to target your unique mailer to them. Instead of sending a donation form to everyone in your area, you're sending one to "Lisa," who has expressed interest in your charity.

How can we use PFUGO to help you? Tell us what you're looking for when you contact us!

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