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Warehousing and Distribution


You have hundreds of custom-printed travel mugs in dozens of boxes all waiting for your big event…which is four weeks away. You have two choices: you can stuff boxes into every conceivable corner of your office suite OR you can let Metzgers store them for you.

With more than 60,000 square feet of onsite warehouse space dedicated to customer inventory, Metzgers is one of the largest-volume shippers in all of Ohio. That means we can pass along rate and service benefits to you. Combine that with the fact that all of our printing, warehousing and distribution functions are housed in one location, and you can see how we can reduce logistical problems and save you time, money, and probably a few headaches.

In addition, we’ll keep track of everything for you. Metzgers offers inventory management of whatever you’re storing: catalogs and brochures, premiums and specialty items, direct mail kits, promotional products or anything you store and track. We’ll keep everything up to date, let you know when inventory runs low, and even set up your products to automatically replenish.

We can even create a customized online store for your business that can include ordering print, promotional items and corporate apparel all from one storefront. Metzgers manages corporate storefronts for many of our clients, so affiliates, representatives, franchisees, and channel partners can order what they need directly from your inventory.

And remember, we keep track of everything so if you start running low, we’ll tell you.

Contact us to learn more about inventory and mailing list management, warehousing, and distribution.

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