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Metzgers Printing Solutions



Looking for printing services? You found the right place. Whether you need to put ink on paper, plastic, corrugated product or even wood, Metzgers Printing has a solution for you.

We provide customer across the country with short runs of as few as one page and long runs into the hundreds of thousands.

We can print in black and white or full color.

We can customize your print with your customers' names using our variable printing process.

And we can do it all at the drop of a hat. Maybe that's why we were named to the Printing Impressions 400, a list of the top commercial printers in North America.

Contact us today at 419-861-8611 to learn more about our wide variety of printing services, including:

  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters






You can also use our contact form to request a quote.

Commercial Printing

It's not cost-effective to run 1,000 copies of a letter on your office ink-jet printer. Our commercial printing services make it possible for you to send letters, postcards, and even magazines to your audience without spending a fortune on paper, ink and equipment.

Wide-Format Printing 

When you need to showcase your message in a big way, wide-format printing is the way to go.

Metzgers' wide-format printing services can produce signage or graphics in any size or shape up to a 4' by 8' cut-out or an 80" by 150' banner. And we can do it on a variety of substrates from vinyl and wood to corrugated material and sheet metal.

Learn more about our wide format printing services here. 

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process lets you print in up to six colors, in widths up to 40", and in huge quantities. Offset printing also gives you a more accurate color reproduction for your branded materials.

And all of that flexibility means that we can turn your order around in just a few days.

Offset printing can be used to print a variety of projects, including books, magazines, reports, postcard, and more.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is an incredible flexible printing option. Not only can you print in full color, you cal also employ variable data for personalization.

And there are not minimum quantities when it comes to digital printing, so it's the ideal printing solution when you only need a few pieces.

Online Proofing

Our online print proofing system ensures that every job is run according to your specifications. It offers you and your team real-time, interactive mark-up and communication throughout the entire process from design to final production.

Learn more about our online proofing system here. 



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