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Corporate Storefronts

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Are you going to a trade show? Is your company hosting a tent at a community event? Want to give prospective customers a pen, coffee cup, or other frequently used product bearing your logo so you will stay at the top of their mind when they next need your services?

Need your promotional products fast?

We can do that.

Let Metzgers design a corporate storefront to help you easily order and reorder logoed products for events and prospective clients. If an employee is heading out for a trade show, he can log in, reorder personalized pens, cups, or T-shirts, and have the items ready in time to hand out when he gets there. You'll never run out of promotional products again.

And don't worry about anyone going overboard with customizations. Corporate Storefronts allow you to maintain control over the products from which your approved employees can choose and the ways in which they can customize them, so you can rest assured that all products that represent your company adhere to your standards.

Since your employees can only select from options you've pre-approved, you can control content without investing your time. Once we set the ordering parameters to your specifications, you know you won't see your logo in neon pink, even if you don't have time to check on the orders or review the merchandise.

We can do more than just create your logoed pens or T-shirts. We can also create their boxes, package them together, and ship them to your prospective customers for you. You won't have to deal with several companies or waste time coordinating shipping.

Let us do it all, from kitting and assembly to warehousing and distribution.

Corporate storefronts deliver the following benefits:

Reduced ordering and fulfillment time

Reduced cost

Control over the products from which employees can choose and the ways in which they can customize them

Easy reordering of promotional products

Metzgers can even integrate your corporate storefront with your web-to-print storefront so your employees can order and re-order business cards, brochures and other personalized paper products from the same website. Ask us for more details about corporate promotional products. 



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