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3 Types of Monthly Mailings to Connect and Engage with Your Audience

3 Types of Monthly Mailings to Connect and Engage with Your Audience


People love to receive physical mail.

In fact, 70% of people said mail, rather than email, gave them a better impression of the company that sent it. Monthly mailings are an engaging, unique, and thoughtful way to reach new and loyal customers. From stories about your company and special offers to gifts, let the customer get to know and appreciate your business to build trust and loyalty.

Three Monthly Mailing Ideas to Connect with Your Audience

Direct mailings don't have to be boring or mundane. Get creative and thoughtful with our experienced print marketing experts to craft one of these monthly mailings.

1. Newsletter

 Newsletters are an excellent method to inform your customers of what is new in your business.

Customers love to stay informed and in the know of the companies they are loyal to. Share exciting updates, expansions, new products, new management or team members, and other updates like the following: 

  • History. People connect best with stories, so what better way than by describing your company's own origin story? Expanding on the roots of your company can grow customer appreciation for where you've come from as a business.
  • About Us. A fun and unique item to add to your newsletter is a section with mini-biographies of your employees and management. Customers enjoy getting to know the company they are supporting on a personal level. Giving little excerpts about your employees creates a connection with customers and spotlights exceptional staff who have earned positive recognition.
  • Growth. Showcase your business's growth, whether physical growth, such as opening new stores or locations, financial growth, employee growth, or product growth. Seize the opportunity to compliment your business's positive growth and remind customers that your business is strong.
  • Sales. Upcoming sales are an excellent feature to add to your monthly newsletters. Customers are looking for great deals to make their money stretch further. Incentivize coming into your store or logging into your website with information about upcoming sales and discounts. 


2. Postcards with Special Offers

People love a good deal. 

85% of online shoppers are more likely to try a new business if they have a coupon, which is why special offers are an excellent way to incentivize new customers to try your business. 

Limited-time promotions are a unique but simple method to attract sales. Shortening the time window when a special offer or price is available grows excitement and anticipation in purchasing. Focus on your sales in a specific timeframe and publicize it.

Including birthday or anniversary discounts in your monthly rotation is a thoughtful way to encourage sales growth while building a personal connection with customers. Receiving a mailer with a discount from your business is a definite cause for celebration!


3. Welcome New Customers with a Series of Content 

 Over five or six months, send out mailings that provide value to new customers.

Start with a personalized welcome letter and follow it up with something else each month, like a brochure detailing your offerings, tips, and tricks related to your products or services, industry insights, or a discount coupon or small gift.

Be remembered and thought of frequently by mailing out gifts like:

  • Fridge magnets: Compact and economical, fridge magnets have a natural place in the home. Be present in the kitchen and available for reference in a flash by sending out magnets.
  • Reusable shopping bags: Not only will customers appreciate the environmentally conscious effort your business puts into sending out reusable bags, but these gifts are also useful.
  • Sticky notes: Create a memorable and practical sticky pad for customers to enjoy and reference your company's information. 


Ensure customers are excited to see your name in the mailbox by regularly connecting and engaging with your audience.

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