Foil Stamping

Foail Printing ImageFoil stamping is a special printing technique that involves the application of heat and pressure to a metallic paper (foil) to create depth and texture which adds visual interest to the piece. Foil stamping doesn't use any ink, but you're not just limited to metallic foils. Choose from a variety of foils, including gloss and matte colors and fluorescents, holographic materials, and even clear foils.

To create a foil stamp, we first create a die in the desired shape, which can be either image or text-based. Then, we position a foil sheet between the die and the material to which the foil will be applied. Next, a special machine presses the die into the foil sheet and heats the die to adhere the foil to the substrate.

Foil stamping is a tricky procedure, because if the heat is too high or the die is pressed against the foil for too long, the material will bubble and peel. If the heat isn't high enough or the press is too short, the foil won't fuse to the finished project. It takes a deft hand to ensure the edges of the foil stamp look crisp and clean.

You've probably seen foil stamping before, used to make names or logos pop on business cards or to create seals on official documents. Many of Metzgers' clients choose the foil stamping technique to enhance proposal covers, folders, business cards and other high-end print projects.

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