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Saddle Stitch Binding

Need to put together a booklet? Metzgers can do that. We use a variety of binding methods to meet your needs. Need your booklets printed quickly and cost-effectively? Saddle stitching might be right for you.

What is saddle stitching?
Saddle stitching is a popular book binding method that uses staples to bind folded sheets of paper. The "saddle" part comes from mechanism that resembles a saddle used during the process. "Stitching" is a common term for stapling in the print industry.
It's a relatively simple process by which papers are folded and stapled two to three times at the fold. The result is a professional-looking piece with a trademark saddle stitched spine, which is flat unlike a traditional book, and cannot be printed on.

What are its benefits?
Saddle stitching is quick and cost-effective. It works well for short-run productions and for small or large booklets. It's also great for mailed booklets as it adds minimal weight.

Saddle stitching also opens up a variety of options for your booklet. Saddle stitching options include:

  • Covers: They can be heavy or the same weight as each sheet in the booklet.
  • Sizes: Saddle stitching can be used to create any sized booklet, from pocket-sized to table-sized.
  • Hole punches: The flat nature of a saddle stitched binding makes the finished product ideal for inserting into a three-ring binder, with or without hole punches.
  • Art: Need a large canvas for your cover art but sticking with a smaller booklet? No problem. Since your cover is one folded sheet, your cover art can take up the front and back of your booklets easily.

Saddle stitching is quick, easy and full of possibilities. Ask us how it can be used for your project.



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